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Estate Planning Solutions

Empowering financial professionals to offer quality estate planning to their clients at an affordable price.

Where Estate Planning

Meets Technology

Create attorney-drafted estate plans right from your office. In under an hour.

Why EP Cloud?
For most americans, the process of deciding which documents are needed and drafting those documents can be expensive and difficult.  We’ve finally created the ideal combination of traditional estate planning law and modern automation.

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Empower Your Business

We believe that the solution to helping more clients complete their estate planning, is to empower trusted professionals like you.

Maintain Oversight

Eliminate the need to send your clients out of your office by bringing the attorney’s virtual law firm into your office.

Grow Your Business

Attract more clients and generate warm referrals by reaching out to individuals named in a client’s estate plan.

Attorney Quality

A licensed attorney is responsible for each and every plan to preserve quality and ensure that clients get all the documents they need.

One Size Fits All

Hundreds of professionals from a variety of industries use EP Cloud. See how we can add value to your business.

Financial Advisors

Assist and refer clients to a qualified attorney without losing control.


Stay notified of important life events and increase service depth.

Funeral Directors

Help families complete this essential step in their pre-need and after-care planning.


Estate planning can reveal unmet insurance needs of clients.

Employee Benefits

A scaleable and quality estate planning solution for employers.

Retirement Planners

Reduce the headache and cost of estate planning for clients.


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