How it Works

Where Technology Meets Estate Planning

As a trusted financial professional, you are in the best position to provide clients a better estate planning experience. Bring clients to an attorney right from your office, and through advanced automation, create an estate plan in real time.

From Start to Finish

In under an hour…


Advisor Meets with Client for Estate Planning Review

  • Offers estate planning education/review to existing and prospective clients
  • Educates client about general estate planning concepts
  • Client signs any necessary fee agreements
  • Collects fee for their role in the process
  • Assist client in completing attorney’s online questionnaire


Attorney and Advanced Automation Recommend, Review, and Draft Documents

  • Attorney and legal analytics review client data
  • Clarifies and collects additional Information as needed
  • Performs conflicts check
  • Determines documents to be included in client’s estate plan
  • Prepares necessary documents
  • Collects a fee for legal services rendered
  • Prepares estate planning documents


Advisor Helps Client Sign & Notarize Documents

  • Sign and notarize documents (if advisor has notary)
  • Upload executed signature pages to attorney
  • Analysis and review of assets
  • Reach out and notify stakeholders

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