Why EP Cloud?

EP Cloud Empowers Your Business

Previously, unless you were an attorney, you’ve most likely had a difficult time providing meaningful assistance in the planning of your client’s estate. Thanks to EP Cloud, that is no longer the case. EP Cloud’s  unbundled process gives you, the attorney, and your client a seamless way to work together. 

Keep your clients, your clients

Eliminate the need to send your clients out of your office by bringing the attorney’s law firm right into your office. Maintain control throughout the process and ensure a quality experience every time.

Monetize your role

Estate planning doesn’t have to be an afterthought. Our unbundled process, gives you the option to charge for your role in the process. In addition, named stakeholders generate 3-5 referrals for your firm with each new estate plan.

Build lifelong client relationships

EP Cloud enables you to provide meaningful touch points for clients. You’ll be notified when life changes occur in a client’s life so you can provide them with any additional needs.

Stay Compliant

With built-in risk management and a licensed attorney behind every estate plan, EP Cloud was optimized for compliance. No matter your designation, you can be sure you are keeping you and your clients safe.

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